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Gonadal maturation of broodstock reared in cages daapat

Gonadal maturation of broodstock reared in cages daapat also performed with mushy feeding supplemented with vitamin C and vitamin E, respectively 50 mg and 10 mg per kg of feed. Spawning occurs after three (3) months of maintenance, and just happens to water plants cages contained in it, while there is no water plants spawning does not occur. The feed is a stimulus gonadal development and maturation, whereas aquatic plants be incentives spawning, because it turns the water plant found in many natural foods such as microorganisms, especially from the group of protozoa and rotifers. It turns out that the parent fish cork has an interesting behavior to be observed where they will not spawn, producing seed (the children) are not available when the appropriate food for her children in her neighborhood. Unlike in India, spawning occurs because the cork ovatide stimulated with hormones that are injected into the cork ALBUMINTM parent fish. Seeds produced from a pair of cork ALBUMINTM Eyangtogel.com Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia  parent fish that spawn naturally after the age of 45 days as many as 1500 head with a size of 3 cm.
Fish curse / Cork / Haruan ALBUMINTM can grow up to a length of 1 m. Somewhat flattened like a big-headed snake's head (so named after the snake head), with large scales on top of head. Gilig elongated rounded body, such as guided missiles. Elongated dorsal fin and tail fin rounded at the ends.
The upper side of the body from head to tail dark, brownish or greenish black. The underside white, began to rear chin. The side thick streaky-streak (striata, streaked with graffiti) are rather vague. This color is often resemble the surrounding environment. Mouth large, with big teeth and sharp.
ALBUMINTM catfish commonly found in lakes, swamps, rivers, and waterways up to the paddy fields. These fish prey on a variety of small fish, insects, and a variety of other aquatic animals, including tadpoles and frogs.

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