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Attention "How he could remember Agen Bola Online the anniversary of my parents?" You said. It is a good sign. He's really going to care little things like that. In fact, you have not been married. After you come home from work, Meals are available. When you're sick, he memasakan porridge for you. Little things like that that will assist and strengthen your relationship. The guy also does not like to be given more attention than the girl?
4. Patient You're late for a date with the girl but the girl was not upset at all when you come in and he had to wait 25 minutes starvation. Why wait the good traits? Just think if you're in a situation smelled anything negative; patience it will help the atmosphere it does not get worse. Just imagine you are on a date with a girl who can not wait. He's a little upset because you are not on time, do a little mistake. Dating is supposed to be a fun experience even worse.
5. Simple Notice if the girl you like excessive in front of his friends. Does she like to show off a new handbag she bought a new one the same day? People love to show off and not simple it shows that the girl is not confident; existing deficiencies that he had and wanted to cover it with something to show off more of her. These properties are not good for the guy.
6. Keep beauty Girl does not mean it should look pretty, but it also means keeping the beauty that chick knows how to maintain and care for herself. Jikalah you're on a date with him, consider the "make-up" that she wears. Is it too much to attract the attention of other people around you? Is she wearing a mini skirt excessive? Keep it beauty means to maintain the appearance and reasonable enough at the time and the right place.
7. Mature and wise Girls love a guy with a wise and be mature. In times of distress, Man will need the help of a girl who is mature and wise in making decisions.
8. Saving Any guy who wants a girl bermaterialistis? Later if you are married with the girl, he will spend the money for clothes shopping unnecessary. Consider the way he spends his money now. Does he include people who are frugal, stingy, or rah-rah?
9. Motherhood Girls that love to play with a small child, can hold the baby, waiting for them to sleep, and so on. These are the signs of a girl you can imagine when they become your wife. He would be a clever mother in the household.
10. Stoic suffering and willing to work hard This is one of the characteristics of a girl who is a bit hard to find.
Pulau Pari Why? Girls are familiar with the tradition in which the guy is looking for money. In tough times, Women usually are not accustomed to working hard for the family. If you've found the girl suffering from a resilient and willing to work hard, cherish him.
Well above it all is the 10 characteristics of a good woman to marry agan, do not choose the wrong woman gan, as the wife who always accompany even though agan agan and bad. supposing agan agan and it makes the company that became her boss and secretary agan must find both beautiful and good was pokonya

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