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The sript injection aims to embed backlinks to web page

The sript injection aims to embed backlinks to web page jeremyjacksonevents.com/celebs/rumble66.php illegally . And every time we open a web page / blog , then link to the page of the site involved unreadable when loading .
How to handle the case number 2 is to check one by one
GudangPoker.com  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya berektensi hosting files . HTML , . PHP , and . JS on the server hosting , then we delete the script along with strange codes detected as badware on these files . For example if in my case the badware infecting files such as index.html , readme.html , googlegooglef130xxxx29ffa9ed.html ( Google verification code ) , as well as files berektensi . Html and . Htm others , index.php , wp - setting . php , wp - config , sampel.php , wpconfig.php , postinfo.html , functions.php , page - index.php , script.js , and the addition of files ending in . php in a folder that is named gifimg.php images that can be directly removed .
But because the files are of course will be many, and we are going to rush to check one by one , then the way to do this is to :

For security , change the password beforehand cPanel hosting account .
For blog on WordPress.org , dressing the same password to log into dashboarnya .
Make sure the antivirus installed on your computer updated , and make sure the computer is free from viruses .
Download all the folders and files from a computer to a hosting server ( can use FileZilla )
To find out what files are infected , it scans all the folders and files that have been didowload , and not to the files directly detected containing badware removed / didelete by antivirus , but let it go into chest / quarantine , so that later we can see the file which files are infected and need to be improved .
After scanning is complete , then check the chest / quarantine . See what files are infected and should be corrected or eliminated such badwarenya .
To eliminate badware in earlier files , we can restore the files one by one from the chest / quarantine folder for later removed native code badwarenya then uploaded to the same folder on the server . But if the fear of the risk of an infected computer or antivirus always return it to the chest / quarantie , then we can immediately remove badware code in the same files on the hosting server .
If you find files that were previously alien exist on the server as gifimg.php or another , then you delete the file earlier .
After all that is done , then please access the back page of a blog or website that we have. If the antivirus had not blocked , then our website has been free from badware . If there is still blocked or warning him , there is still a file that has not been cleared of the codes badware .
If the antivirus had not blocked , but some browsers or search engines may still block or alert the visitor to our website is not opening , then to overcome it we must request a review keGoogle Webmaster Tools and StopBadware.org . Once they review it and make sure the website / blog we have been freed from badware , it is usually only a few 
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 SBOBET IBCBET CASINO POKER TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA hours a website / blog is free of blocking and no longer considered dangerous by the browser and search engine.Traffic and backlinks from Yahoo Answers - Many people who do not know about Yahoo Answers , kemunginan of you I think are still not many people use these facilities . From this article I will share information on how to optimize your blog to Yahoo Answers , okay we discussed the same - the same yes ! .

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