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You want to know how to create a website?

You want to know how to create a website? If so, then this tutorial will provide comprehensive guidance on the various alternatives and techniques that you can use. If you still really new term or newbie, hopefully this tutorial how to create a website can become the main gateway for you to start your adventure in the world of web creation obat pembesar penis vimax terpercaya.
Okay, let's get started.
I am sure, if you try searching on google about how to create a website, it would appear a lot of alternatives that you can use, and so many, most likely you will be confused.
Due to the time I wrote this tutorial, no one has been thoroughly discussed any alternative techniques that we can use when you want to create a website. Most I have seen only show the steps to create a website using a blog like wordpress or blogspot, but beyond that there are many more alternatives to create a website that you can do, from simple to complex.
Sure, wordpress or blogspot is a way to create a website the fastest and simplest, jasa pasang iklan tanpa daftar yet certainly has its drawbacks. I will discuss later on this. For now, let's focus on the various alternatives that exist so that you can decide what kind of website caramembuat most appropriate for you.
However, if you are interested in directly learn the steps to create a web instantly and quickly, please immediately learn the steps in the tutorial on how to make this blog.
Alternative Ways to Make a Website
How to create a website using blogs
This method is a way to create a website that is most easily and quickly. In principle, you just make a few simple steps that had been prepared by the service provider to create a web blog. Examples of these service providers are wordpress.com and blogspot.com. Usually the website address you will be like this: http://adhipraz.blogspot.com.
The advantage of using this technique is speed. You can make your website in less than 10 minutes. In addition, there are other benefits that free. You do not need to pay anything to create a website in this way, except to pay for internet access if any.
Shortage of how to create a website with this technique is the lack of customization. What is the customization? Customization is what I mean in this paper is the technique of making a website sebauh ability to accommodate the needs of different users. The simplicity and speed in the process of making a website in this technique is a strength, but also a weakness. Because it is simple and fast, it does not much change can we do to adapt to our needs precisely.
Oh yes, there is one drawback, which is by default the address of our website will be a sub domain of the service provider's website address. In the earlier example of a website address, adhipraz is a sub domain of blogspot.com. But this can be overcome by hiring its own domain and learn how to direct our own domain name into blogspot account.
Recommended use: How to make a website is suitable for simple website, for example, keeps a diary, a personal profile, featuring products that we sell.
How do I make this type of website? Not to worry, there is a tutorial on prothelon.com why. You can see the tutorial how to create a blog on blogspot or wordpress blog on steps to learn step by step what to do.

How to Create a website using a CMS
What is a CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System, content management systems / contents. This CMS is a web-based application that is so. You just have to download the CMS applications as needed, and perform the installation. What is required to create a website with this technique? You need to hire a domain, hosting and hire download the application.
The installation process is usually pretty simple and you can learn it quickly. How to create a website it takes about 2-3 days. Costs you need to prepare is the rent hosting and domains which start from 300 rb / year. Of course you can also use free domain and hosting at the expense of a few things such as performance and less credible domain name.
An example is the WordPress jasa pembuatan website CMS provider. In addition to providing instant blog creation service, also provides CMS wordpress that we can use to create a blog. By adding various plugins, you can change and customize the CMS as needed. Another frequently used CMS is Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, and many more.
Oh yes, you can also hire a web developer to help create a website using a CMS if lazy to learn how to customize the CMS. The cost is also relatively inexpensive compared to when we create a website from scratch.
The advantage to create a website with this technique is that we can create a website that is more flexible in customization in a relatively short time. By adding the plugin, addon or components we can create a variety of applications based on CMS.
The disadvantage is costly and requires little technical expertise of CMS and supporting plugins, as well as customization is still limited.
Customization you can do with the CMS has been far more than just using the blog as the first alternative, but we are still limited by the availability of existing plugins. Try This: 4 Easy Steps to Learn How to Make a Website, Direct Practice! CLICK HERE!.
Recommended use: How to make a website is suitable for making standard e-commerce applications, blogs, company profiles, etc..
Unfortunately, so far I have not had time to write a tutorial on how to create a website using this CMS. But you can see an example of its use with ease. While writing this tutorial, I use WordPress CMS for prothelon.com.
How to Create a website using HTML programming language, PHP and MySQL
How to create a website that is using the most advanced programming language. This method allows you to create a website that is fully customized. You can create a website just like any feature in accordance with the wishes and our needs. But unfortunately, this method requires a long time compared to most website creation techniques previously. The time is mainly for learning and making the program. In general you need to learn HTML, PHP and MySQL to be able to create a website in this way. Same with CMS, you also need to set up a domain and hosting to create a website in this way.
The advantage of creating this website is the level of customization. You can create any type of website according to your needs is very flexible. This you can do because you have direct access to the program. As information only, various types of CMS, like Joomla, WordPress which I have mentioned previously created using HTML, PHP and MySQL.
So, if you have learned how to create a website with this technique, in addition to create your own website, you can also do CMS installation and make changes to existing code in it to fit our needs. Interesting is not it?
The main drawback is the problem of time. How to make this website require a special expertise in the field of web programming. For that, you need time to learn and write your own programs that include HTML, PHP and MySQL. But do not worry, you can use various tools to write code like the website you are using Dreamweaver, obat pembesar penis vimax Kompozer, frameworks, etc. that will facilitate the development process. You can also combine the use of CMS and your programming skills to produce a website that is powerful, flexible with a relatively short time.
Recommended use: How to make a website is suitable for any type of website.
Where can you learn? Not to worry, in prothelon.com, you can learn all these things. Please refer to these tutorials to learn:

Step guide to create a website for beginners.
Learning HTML
Learning PHP
Learning MySQL
Learning CSS
Learning Javascript

What is the next step you need to do? After understanding the various alternative ways to make this website, you can simply click the link that I have provided each of the alternatives to study. You can also see a collection of tutorials and articles on how to create this website.
Please read the guidelines also hosting and domain selection and various tips on choosing this hosting. If you are still confused by the term hosting and domains, please see the tutorial that describes the notion of hosting and domains. About the author
How to Make a Website Adhi Prasetio began to cultivate the creation of websites since 2001. In addition to his work as a lecturer and speaker on the topic of e-commerce, the author also has many years actively writing on the internet. Most of his writing is intended to share experiences and help beginners in learning how to create websites and internet marketing. The author is also known as Prothelord, a manager who is also a major obat penjual penis manjur contributor websitehttp :/ / prothelon.com which is one of the popular websites to learn to make a website. Books that have been published, among others, How To Make Easy Web Design for Beginners, Tips & Tricks Become a Master PHP, Web Programming Book Smart and Smart Selling Guide Online. You can see his profile on Google+ ...

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