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Gendra dan Keuletannya Bangun Bisnis Sop Durian

He was still quite young ( 28 years old ) , but about the tenacity Gendra Krama Putra Santosa was not born yesterday . 've Felt the ups and downs when deciding entrepreneurship . But thanks to the tenacity , Gendra managed to get up a business ' Sop Durian ' .
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Hobby is not infrequently require a person to spend more agen pulau pari money for the sake of his love is . But with creative ideas and preparation , can also be used as a hobby business event that generates money .

As performed by Gendra Krama Putra Santosa , owner of the tavern ' Durian Soup Margonda ' in Jalan Margonda Raya , Depok , West Java .

Starting from eating his favorite fruit called latin Durio this zibethinus , Gendra then had the idea to make his hobby into land for a living .

After appearing a few ideas of processed durian fruit , he finally decided to make this into a durian fruit soup , which was then in Depok soup itself was not big sellers this kind of durian .

Before opening the shop soup durian , faculty alumnus graduated in 2005 IPB is actually also never open a business soto Betawi , but unfortunately these efforts did not go as expected . Akhinya he decided to stop selling .

Still have not given up on becoming an entrepreneur, then to capitalize Rp 20 million , he also ventured to start a business sop durian since November 2010.

With the money, he bought a cooler of food , a cash register , a table , a chair , a variety of cookware and tableware , air conditioner , durian and other supporting materials .

" From the beginning I also just want to try it , have not had a special recipe and presentation is also just added durian ice , then there ketannya , there is no variation in the menu as it is now , " he said while talking to as written on Tuesday ( 14/5 / 2013) .

wisata pulau pari In the first six months , still quiet duriannya soup shop buyers . This is because processed durian made ​​this soup still sounded strange in the ears of society around . Plus the small size of its stores , less strategic even less likely to be seen , making the public did not know of the existence of the store .

But over time , from the mouth talks buyers who have already tried the soup , slowly began her stall crowded .

" Because buyers feel comfortable and happy with my home-made soup , then they tell all their friends , finally after it began to grow , " he explained .

Durian from Sumatra

To meet the demand for durian fruit , Gendra usually have to bring in the fruit at least twice a week , which in one shipment could reach 850-1000 pieces .

Durian is commonly used in the manufacture of the soup comes from the region of Palembang , South Sumatra . But when stock durian just a little , he usually also download supplay of Sidikalang region , Medan , North Sumatra .

" Approximately 80 percent take from Palembang . Due sweetness duriannya I think fit , fit with the tongue of the people here . Durian Medan because if too sweet , become even slightly bitter and fragrant too oppressive , " continued the man of the original Depok .

This difference in origin durian problem was also affecting the taste of soup later . pulau pari According Gendra , for his regular customers who is a fan of durians , can feel the difference .

So to overcome this , he always put a notice at the time durian durian is used instead of the type commonly used as a raw material stew .

"This way the buyer be advised , because durian right natural products , we can not determine the quantity or quality of taste . One can only choose the most good , " he explained .


In every day , at least membutukan Gendra about 30 kilograms of durian flesh to sell around at least 200 bowls could even be increased to 300 bowls on the weekend with a turnover of approximately USD 80 million per month . The buyer itself is largely a community around Depok , Bogor and Jakarta .

With the increasing number of buyers , Gendra began to innovate by creating a variety of menu options .

Dikedainya Now , there are about 20 variations of the menu , as soup original durian , durian sticky rice soup , bread soup durian , durian coconut soup , green bean soup durian , durian soup brownies , soup strowberi durian and much more at a price of between Rp 8,000 and Rp 12,000 per serving .

Gendra promotion done to introduce the business was fairly simple . He just rely on social media thinks is the most powerful way a promotional event .

"The more even promote customers , those who diligently writes impression through BBM , Facebook or Twitter . So from there I really helped , " said the man who has had two pieces of the heart .

Want Focus Past

For now , Gendra itself has no plan to open the next branch . Because of him , when opened branches should need funds and preparation . He just wants the focus to further develop the already occupied pasang iklan ppc since the shop first opened this business .

Moderate to build a franchise , he also was still not ready , both in terms of knowledge , equipment , logos , and funds . But he was willing when asked to supply the soup into a restaurant or supermarket who want to cooperate with him .

" If you want to make a franchise , I still have not been able to guarantee the availability duriannya , because this fruit depending on the season . , But if only a supplier duriannya soup , I was able to , " he said .

For the opening hours of its stores any , Gendra admits she still relies on the availability of durian fruit . When not durian season , he is only open from 10:00 AM until 22:00 PM . But when stock is abundant durian , his shop can be open up to 24 hours non - stop . In fact, he was never close its stores for a few weeks because they did not get stock durian at all .

"Businesses like this are highly dependent on the availability of the main raw material , so must be smart to set the advance planning , " said the man who was born July 30, 1984 .

Besides the issue of the availability of stock durian , Gendra also faced problems on the field. Spacious shop comparatively narrow so not surprising that buyers jasa seo terbaik often seen queuing up to the edge of the highway. Not to mention the problem of vehicle parking area is not available so he claimed often reprimanded if the traffic police because it is often considered to cause congestion .

Now Gendra itself has a staff of about 13 people who work on shifts . In the future , he also hopes to become a distributor of durian to further develop the business . ( IGW )

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