Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Those who know football from television and print media

Those who know football from television and print media, those who only see the greatness taunya christiano ronaldo with gocekan2 killer, the women who love football just because of the handsome players in Europe, those who currently can only berate Indonesian football. We plebeian football, our football most chaotic, rich supporters ga ball here in the UK that can watch orderly, usually just layanan pengobatan alternatif  football brawl here, katrok, rustic etc. .. BULL SHIT!!! You know what about football??? you know what about the supporters?? know what you think about passion, conviction, passion, honor, and dignity?? taukah you that ... in europe there victims died as a result of football far more than in our own country???? You better go on 'world of football you' a beautiful dream on screen .. because the reality on the ground may not be as beautiful as you can imagine. Indeed, the condition of our football, it feels far from an industry, it feels far from modern football dream all societies. Are we headed for a football industry that would become income for our beloved club?? Or are we headed for the industry to tighten mercantilist nature of our football officials?? As a source of income, as a money-making??? Do not let happen!! Football here still belongs to our supporters! Then why do you want to take what we have?? Soaring price of match tickets, Banning fireworks ban put spanduk2 criticizing Indonesian football authorities, what are you looking for?? The answer is money! Mercantilist attitude that will kill us "the owner of the real football!" Do not take our pleasure, do not take our lives! " These are problems that occur in football, soccer on one side must be towards an industry that has professional sports, but on the other hand many football supporters are uncomfortable with the implementation of a sports industry, then how should implement a sports industry that can create professional and capable accepted by all societies?? one way is to build the sport of soccer industrial economy based on Pancasila. Pancasila Economy This nation is going through an upheaval in him, many people are now forgotten Pancasila, whereas in the Pancasila has been illustrated clearly how we ought to behave. Not only among the public under any Pancasila though - will be forgotten, but in the government elite Pancasila as just being a framed painting. In the world of education has not been taught Pancasila as before, even dibangku Pancasila University courses in Eliminate. Whereas in the Pancasila all arranged, including the Pancasila economy. Sports industry is part of the knowledge economy, and because that's when the problems occur football happens above can be overcome by building a sports industry based on Pancasila economy. On one side of the manufacturers in this PSSI and pengobatan alternatif islami organizations associated with the football industry in Indonesia is not unilaterally make the football industry as a tool to seek profit - without considering the magnitude of consumer complaints as depicted above. With the football industry Pancasila-based economy will be met to a point of balance between producers and consumers. Some Thoughts Industry Association Football Pancasila-Based Economy!!!!!! First - first at the level of philosophy of Pancasila economy, then a football industry in the country must be based on values ​​- the value contained in Pancasila. On that basis was then an industrial-based economy football not only Pancasila - the eyes are materialistic. Because grounded in faith and devotion that arises from our recognition of the Belief in God Almighty. Faith and piety became the foundation of spiritual, moral and ethical for the holding of the football industry Pancasila-based economy. Thus Homeland football industry based on Pancasila economy is controlled by the rules of morality and ethics, so organizing a sports industry in Indonesia is having good football industry. Thus, the problem - the problem of organizing the football industry in Indonesia such as is the case today, the referee bribery, control the outcome of the match and so on can be avoided. Football industry based economy that is based on Pancasila values ​​just and civilized humanity, respect the dignity of humanity and the rights and obligations of human rights in a football industry. Thus it is clear that in an industrial economy based football Pancasila does not recognize "animal industry", which will prey on one another. With this understanding in depth the problems will not arise between the supporting industries in football that do not support.
When we look at the industry - the football industry in other countries, so it is clear that the sports industry, especially in the field of football has been fused because the market has become global. But as long as there is still Indonesia nation the football industry based on Pancasila economy should remain immortalized for football achievements and industrial welfare of the Indonesian people. Sila Association of Indonesian unity mandates a football industry that led to the economic entity as a rahasia pengobatan alternatif translation of the archipelago insights in economics. Globalization in the sports industry, especially in football will not cause internaliosasi interests Indonesian sports and the sports industry itself. Economic interests caused by the football industry in the country would remain preserved for the benefit and advancement of the interests of the sport Indonesian Indonesian nation. Thus the football industry is a knowledge-based economy Pancasila nationality and still in need of patriotic attitude of the perpetrators. Precepts-Pancasila to four shows a view of the sovereignty of the people of Indonesia and how democracy is run in Indonesia. In the football industry country based on Pancasila economy should be managed in a democratic system. Value - the value of the five basic precepts, social justice for all Indonesian people should show that the football industry in the country should pay attention to all aspects of it, including how all people can feel a football sports game, whether it be rich or poor, and people who healthy as well as those with special needs. In addition to the sila-5 also suggests that there should be a football industry can enjoy the benefits for all citizens of Indonesia blog baru ku

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