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Wiring ram and the door

Wiring ram and the door
Once completed sidewalls, and the framework is mounted on the front wall, it's time to install the wire ram and the door is needed.

SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAFor the roof, you can use a tile, or asbestos roofing material or a wave of plastic. Due to the narrow area, we do not need to make half the roof is open.
Prepare also curtains of cloth or used MMT, or tarps, which at times closed when heavy rain or atmosphere rather crowded cages. The final stage
The final stage of the manufacture of stone magpie breeding cages.
Enclosure is finished. However, you should not directly be used. Allow 1-2 days blank, so that the conditions in the more humid it feels first. After that, the cage can be used.
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