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Nutmeg plants sensitive to waterlogging,

Nutmeg plants sensitive to waterlogging, therefore should the planting area nutmeg made good drainage. However, for the dry months, nutAgen Bola Indonesiameg plants require plenty of water, to the soil should have the availability of water (water holdingcapacity) is sufficient. The presence of cover crops and tanamanpelindung, can help address water availability. The occurrence genanganair the nutmeg crop, will result in stunted growth, and even the plants will be susceptible to root rot disease that can destroy crops.
Tree Protector
In the cultivation of nutmeg, cover crops wind should get attention. Other uses of shade trees is to protect the plant from excessive sunlight, especially when the plants are still muda.Yang to note, at the time the plants have been aged 4-5 years, nutmeg plants already requires a lot of sunlight to be able to produce. Therefore the protective tree thinning should be done, it is also important to prevent abnormal growth that extends upwards, and prevent competition in absorbing nutrients between plants and plant nutmeg pelindung.Pohon good protector is a tree whose leaves are not too dense and resistant the wind blows like a palm tree, Duku, rambutan trees and other fruits.
Propagation PLANT PALA Generally nutmeg plants can be propagated easily in three ways: - Propagation by seed. - Propagation Propagation by grafting-grafts. A. Propagation By Seeds. Propagation is actually less favorable way, because the resulting tanamanbaru rarely have exactly the same properties with nutmeg induknya.Umumnya propagation by seed will produce pohonbetina average of 55%, males 40% and 5% mixture. Such compositions may provide advantages notwill clear, therefore in the business of nutmeg, and mix male plants must be reduced. How to find out characteristics of male trees, female or mixed. Characteristics female tree cabangnyatumbuh flat / horizontal, while the male tree branches membentuksudut taper towards the stem, being a mixture of tree is a tree that can produce male flowers betina.Apabila fo
Agen Bola Tangkasrced nutmeg plants reproduce by seeds, nutmeg seeds which shall be used as the seed must come from the parent tree good, from fully ripe fruit and immediately after plucking (not later than 24 hours of storage) should be planted. The nutmeg haruscukup magnitude, slightly rounded shape and simetris.Pengalaman on the island of Banda shows, that the selection of a set of mighty seed has been harvested fruit to be used as seeds, diambildari parent trees located adjacent to male flowering trees, can provide satisfactory results . B. Propagation of the grafts. The principle is the same as other plants grafting, tanamanbaru the grafts will have properties like easy induknya.Pelaksanaannya, while utilizing the branch-cabangtanaman less productive but allows for in cangkok.Beberapa thing to consider in choosing branch-Must akandicangkok derived from parent trees that grow well, lush, bebasdari pests and diseases, as well as productive. - Age of trees ranged between 12 -15 years old. - Branch should the woody, but not too old or young Transplanting should be done in the rainy season, but musimkemarau is not an obstacle, as long as it is done watering yangteratur. Another way to cope is to put kalengbekas given smooth hole, then filled with water and tied / digantungkantepat above cangkokan.Akar the grafts will appear after one month, first berwarnaputih will then change color to dark brown sign akarnyasudah strong and ready to move to planting. If pencangkokandilakukan well, then plant the grafts will cepattumbuhnya and resistant to environmental changes after dipindahkanke garden. C. Propagation By grafting. Propagation in this way not only will accelerate the production period, tetapidapat also reduce the percentage of male trees appear. To batangbawah used type of nutmeg Myristica sucedona BL, whereas for cabangentrys (buds) are taken from a tree branch that produces tinggimisalnya Myristica fragrans Houtt.Syarat Conditions grafting:

Roller BlindsLarge prospective scions and rootstocks (under stump) do not jauhberbeda. - Age rootstock at least 1 year. - Eye shoots (entrys) taken straight from the branch, from tree telahberproduksi. - One or two weeks before the branch entrys, sebagiandaunnya trimmed to stimulate growth of buds.

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