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Soil treatment

Treatment of land for planting mustard greens should have been processed 3 weeks before the mustard plant is moved from the nursery . Tilth three stages , the first stage of land plowed by tractor or manual machine with a depth of 30-40 cm . plowed land left for 1 week . Thus it undergo a process of soil acidification or oxidation .

Agen Bola TerpercayaAfter 1 week of cultivated land back to the second stage . At this stage digemburkan soil with a hoe , so ground into crumbs , and once flattened . Then the soil is left longer serlama 1 week in order to land terangin - wind and sun exposure .The third stage , the stage again scarify the soil with a hoe thin 30 cm deep and made ​​a raised bed at the same time and sewer .
Making BedsThe size is 100 cm wide beds -120 cmdan 30 cm long 40 cm , depending on the varieties to be grown . Plants were grown in the rainy season should measure 40 cm high beds for plants to avoid puddles . As for gutter width 40 cm . and the beds made ​​drainage around 50 cm wide .
Provision of Basic FertilizerProvision of basic fertilizer is usually done in unison when making beds . Fertilizers are given consists of manure , compost , or green manure . Manure dose given 10-20 tonnes / ha . The basic fertilization can also use inorganic fertilizers BS1 Harmony and Harmony P1 . To replace manure . The use of liquid fertilizer can be dissolved in water .
Installation of plastic mulchTo maintain the quality of mustard plants , the use of black plastic mulch can be applied silver . By using black plastic mulch on planting beds silver can provide better results when compared with the culture of black plastic mulch without the use of silver .
Planting Seeds In GardenThere are several stages of planting chicory dilahan open or garden , such as , the removal of seeds and seed selection , spacing , how to plant , and a time to plant .How to move the seedlings from the nursery to the garden can be done in two ways , namely the system and unplug the system rounds .
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