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If the natural substrate is coral reefs , artificial substrates

If the natural substrate is coral reefs , artificial substrates Mr. Dean is cement . Eits wait, cement is not used ordinary cement , but the cement which has been mixed with salt , to adjust to the natural substrate .
Then the substrate is labeled with a marker and planted r Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia eefs that have been cut . Furthermore , the reef has grown , dried in the sea water for two hours . After two hours , then placed in a basket with a stream flowing sea water is quite heavy .
In contrast to the hard coral , soft coral pemdudidayaan much easier . This type of reef not need to be planted in the substrate , only need stitches above artificial substrate . Then put it in the basket to flowing seawater .
There is one reason that Mr. Dean said touching on the cultivation business .
" We are sons of the island , getting here , we were getting damaged reefs . Either we are cultivating , who else ? " Mr. Dean said the detikTravel , Friday ( 05/11/2012 ) ago .Meanwhile, Head of Supervision Department of Marine Fisheries District Fisheries Tanbu Asparani said that local governments also support and participate in the activities of coral transplantation . In addition , it also monitors if there are coral reefs are damaged and need to immediately get treatment .
" We continue to monitor if there are damaged coral reefs . Initinyapemerintah always fully supports environmental conservation activities , " he said . ( PM )Powered by Telkomsel BlackBerry ®

Life processes that require very long time to grow and proliferate to form as at present .
Shelter , breeding and feeding thousands of species of fish , animals and plants that become the foundation of our .
Marine resources that have potential economic value is very high .
As a natural laboratory for supporting education and Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia research .
Coral reefs are home to a number of endangered species such as sea turtles and giant clams .

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