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The characteristics of heart disease and how to cope

The characteristics of heart disease and how to cope , heart disease is a situation that caused the heart can not carry out their duties well . Superwash Laundry Bisnis Franchise Waralaba Murah di IndonesiaThe subject of which the heart muscle is weak and that there is a gap or the right atrium and left atrium , by imperfect due to the formation of disjunctive composition on the 2nd porch time patients remain in the womb . This results concerning the blood clean and dirty blood mixed .Characteristics of Heart Disease ( www.info - asik.com )Characteristics of Heart DiseasePreviously we also discuss about the characteristics of breast cancer and diabetes characteristics , so this time was about the same topiknyanya health are characteristics of heart disease . Not infrequently , patients with heart disease too late that he was suffering from heart disease so late to diatasai . Obligatory you to know the traits of heart disease you need to know in order to be done immediately follow the treatment as soon as possible .

Characteristics of Chronic Heart DiseaseOnce we 've described above was a bit much on our insights about heart disease , first we will start with the characteristics of heart disease and how to cope later discussed separately , so let us consider the characteristics of heart disease more that we get from wikipedia :

1 . painful
On the characteristics of the first heart disease if the muscle is not getting enough blood ( a condition called ischemia ) , then insufficient oxygen and the metabolism of excessive causing cramps or spasms .

2 . shortness of breath
A symptom commonly found in heart failure . Shortness is a result of the influx of fluid into the air spaces in the lungs ( pulmonary congestion or pulmonary edema ) .

3 . Fatigue or tiredness
The characteristics of heart disease is relatively mild . To overcome this , the patient usually gradually reduce its activity or thought these symptoms as part of aging .

4 . Palpitations ( heart palpitations )

5 . dizziness and fainting
Decreased blood flow due to rate or abnormal heart rhythm or because of poor pumping ability , can cause dizziness and fainting .

Another source of the website on google says heart disease characteristics as follows :
a. Sudden pain in the chest behind the breastbone or as chest tightness .b . Chest pain can be repeated a few minutes ( 20 minutes or more ) .c . The pain can be in the form of pressure on the chest , and neck as if to choke to cause a cold sweatd . Suddenly collapsed , but could re- conscious . This happens because there is a heart rhythm disordere . Feels like heartburn , but had never suffered from gastric disorders .How to Overcome Heart DiseaseAnd for the first we discuss about how to prevent it in advance of the characteristics of heart disease .Characteristics of Heart Disease ( www.info - asik.com )
Tips to prevent heart disease
1 . A healthy diet
Avoid foods high in fat and cholesterol . Also avoid foods with high sugar content such as soft drinks , for example .2 . quit smokingIn the cigarette packs have already explained that " Smoking can cause cancer , heart attacks , impotence , and disorders of pregnancy and the fetus " .3 . Avoid stressWhen a person is stressed, the body will release the hormone cortisol, which can cause blood vessels to become stiff .4 . Reduce excess body weight ( obesity )Obesity has a major risk of heart left atrial enlargement . The cardiac enlargement will increase the heart rate abnormalities, stroke , and death .5 . Exercise regularlyExercise such as walking or jogging can strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation throughout the body .6 . consumption of antioxidantsAntioxidants Important to Prevent Heart Disease . It can be obtained from a wide variety of vegetables , fruits , and drinking tea .7 . descentIf you have close relatives who have had heart attacks ,

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should from now on be more careful in maintaining diet and lifestyle . Heart disease is not a hereditary disease , but if there is a family ( parents , grandparents , siblings , uncles , aunts , etc. ) who suffer or have suffered from heart disease , you have risk factors for getting heart disease . So , need to watch out !

And here's how to cope with the characteristics of heart disease is complete and detailed .

1 . Some researchers say that the substance allicin found in garlic may help maintain heart health . The study suggests that by virtue substance allicin , vascular tension is reduced 72 % . In a study conducted on 90 smokers body fat , European researchers found that the addition of garlic powder for 3 months showed no changes in their cholesterol levels or some other signs of heart disease risk .
2 . Studies show that reducing smoking does not reduce the risk of heart disease . To truly reduce the risk of heart disease , a person should really stop smoking .
3 . The discovery , published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reveals consumption of vitamin C supplements may reduce the risk of heart disease .
4 . Research has shown that reducing salt intake can reduce the risk of heart disease . Salt intake can increase blood pressure . At low salt diet experiment showed the risk of heart disease by 25 % and the risk of heart attack by 20 %
5 . Consumption of foods that can maintain heart health such as Salmon , Tomato , Olive Oil , Wheat , Almonds , and Apples .
6 . To lower cholesterol and improve your heart health , eating a healthy diet alone is not enough . You also need to keep pace with a healthy drink that is good for the heart
It is very clear and detailed discussion of the characteristics of articles on heart disease and how to overcome the above , may be helpful and add insight and be aware that heart disease has become one of the deadliest diseases in the world .Let's get cool and interesting information updates by way of Facebook Fanpage and Like

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