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From year to year

From year to year , Jakarta has never escaped the flood . Each leader 's Capital has its own way to overcome the problemKuliner Balikpapan cliche . What difference do flood control in two days of leadership in Jakarta , namely Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) - Basuki Purnama Tjahja ( Ahok ) and Fauzi Bowo ( Bowo ) and Prijanto ?
Head of Nursing Department of Water Resources Jakarta Public Works Djoko Soesetyo revealed no significant differences between the two. Jokowi , he said , a more detailed treatment against flooding through rivers , reservoirs , channels .
"In the past , times , rivers , reservoirs , ngeruk its use of human labor . So , it took a long time . If at this time , dredging more use of heavy equipment so that the time required is quite fast , " said Djoko while accompanying Jokowi blusukan in Cakung Drain , North Jakarta , Tuesday ( 11/20/2013 ) .
However , dredging using heavy equipment , said Djoko , making mechanism increases . First , there needs to be provision of heavy equipment because of the amount of heavy equipment owned by Jakarta Provincial Government is still small . To that end ,
Superwash Laundry Bisnis Franchise Waralaba Murah di Indonesiain 2014 APDB budget items included procurement of heavy equipment . Second , it takes time to implementation because dredging should operationalize holding company that used heavy equipment .
" We only have six units of heavy equipment , luckily next year would be added because the treatment ( time , reservoirs ) carried forward to each day . Hence , we articulated the company . However , the process is long because it has to go through a tender first , when we need a quick , " he said .
more diligent
Observers urban planning , Yayat Supriatna , also assess the performance of Jokowi - Ahok positively in overcoming flood . Although only about a year in office, attempts to overcome flood Jokowi considered more real than Bowo , both of how structural and non - structural .
Through structural means , Jokowi considered more diligent SOWAN to the central government , in this case the Ministry of Public Works . Not only that , Jokowi also actively communicate with municipalities around Jakarta . Jokowi also more diligent in finding ways to overcome flood in cooperation with state agencies

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