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Tips Optimasi Master SEO Indonesia

Good night my friends across the clear night when I can share about Search Engine Optimation guide again , although I have identified this guide but I myself also a bit lazy to do it , then there is probably among your pingin I do so like to hear it , jasa seo murah whether you are ready to study today ?

So what steps need to be done so your best friend can become a master Search Engine Optimation , but do not be guaranteed after you read this article you can be a master expert Search Engine Optimation of Indonesia because all it needs to process . okay without him nih length of his tips :

1 . Create unique title of the article , but much sought after, parable : learn Search Engine Optimation just 5 minutes I think the title of the article is unique enough to make people curious .
2 . Create an original article or the original because the original article is very like google , no
copy and paste ... ! ! !
3 . Always plug the keyword or keywords ( keywords ) at the beginning and end of your article .
4 . Strive pingin when placing images in post articles to use with a small size , you can manipulate the size of the image itself can resize manually , .
5 . Do not forget to always bumbuhkan alt and title tags on each image correspond to the target word (keyword ) or keyword .
6 . Do not forget to enter other articles link on the article that you make today aim to increase the bounce rate or quality of a visitor visits your blog site .
7 . Remember .. ! ! ! try commentators on the article you do not leave outbound links or outbound links .
8 . Ad just at the right bottom of your pages alat bantu sex  .
9 . Always give the rel = nofollow tag on links that lead away from your site .
10 . Take advantage of the 2 column template with an existing article on the left page of your website or blog site .
11 . Do not use widgets or ads that are not important and too excessive .
12 . Find backlinks on websites that have a high PageRank .
13 . Every now and then you click on the article pencariandi search engine results and even this technique I often do .
14 . If you keep your blog site so new really , just leave a backlink on the homepage only.
15 . When your website has been long enough , leave immediately backlinks to the articles that you want .
16 . Prohibited uses the keyword or keywords ( keywords) that are too excessive in one of your articles bikinlah keywordnya look natural .
17 . Always make bold , underline or tilt of each keywordnya , because if so the search engines can assume the word is an important subject .
18 . Do not use auto backlink software may worsen due to the quality of articles on your blog site .
19 . After writing the article , submit the link at http :/ / www . google. com / addurl so quickly indexed by the search engines especially Google.
20 . Do not leave spam comments jasa desain website murah  on other people's blog site because search engines are less liked .
21 . Promote your articles on social networks like facebook , twitter etc.
22 . Strive not put autoplay music on your website due to slow loading blog site .
23 . Stay away from flash banner installation is not important which can slow down your loadingblog .
24 . Most end of a very good quality content for a change due to a penalty google penalty - bizarre but increasingly common theme and purpose that quality content is created for humans and for machines without copy paste no Copas .. ! !

Okay that's the current manual of my 24 Tips for SEO Optimization Indonesian Masters , hopefully after you read this article you can become more better than me . if not understood and there is little wrong notes please forgive me because here still learning

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