Sabtu, 30 November 2013

Hukum Dalam Penghimpunan Dana Masyarakat Dan Pengelolaan Investasi

Investment stock is often recommended for the long term . The question then arises , how long is actually a long-term investment in the stock market ? There are some concerns regarding the long term . For the usual save money on deposit , one year period may have been considered long .
how the PT . Indotronik Belitang which until now has approximately 2 pulau tidung years to collect public funds with a minimum package 30jt with a return of 10% seems aman2 customers only and further increase the amount of investment , while the practice is very similar to the description above . please investigated in my opinion this is a time bomb waiting to go off when no longer able to provide a future return . PT Indotronik Belitang

That then led to some versions of the long term stock investing , namely 1,3,5 to 10 years , and so on . To view the ideal time period to invest in the stock market , can be analyzed from the movement of Stock Price Index (CSPI ) Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) .
The data show , when investing in stocks from 2006 through 2012 , the average stock index rose by 29.4 percent . If only invest in a single year example , from 2006-2007 , when the stock market is in good condition , the increase amounted to 55.3 percent JCI . However , if investors invest for a year in 2007-2008 he will experience a loss of 50.64 percent . This means investing in a year still have a pengobatan alternatif high risk .

mas wiku justify what I have said before and I question the mas wiku , it turns out cv Indotronik benar2 illegal , I 've never reported on the FSA but no action , but the reports I responded . it's just that it is only a warning or Wary . if so to what yes there is FSA ? ? ? mending FSA disbanded wrote Dech ...
Rise and fall of JCI affected by the increase and decrease in the price of shares listed on the Stock Exchange . launch, stock price declines occurred due to more parties than selling the stock purchases ( net sell ) . It could be due to investors profit taking Layanan SEO Murah or taking, or because there is a decrease in the projected performance of the company whose shares are recorded at the exchange .
In contrast , the increase in stock prices driven higher purchase ( net buy ) because of the improved performance projections . Macroeconomic factors and sentiment on the inside as well as outside the country influence the perception of investors over certain stocks . This sentiment led to rising and falling prices because investors buying and selling .

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