Senin, 29 September 2014

cultivation. Oyster mushroom

White oyster mushrooms slightly creamy white body with a diameter of 3-14 cm. These mushrooms have mycelium. This fungal fruiting bodies that have high economic value as well as the goal of cultivation. Oyster mushroom cultivation techniques ranging from preparation to post harvest was worth noting that farming businesses really judi online understand so much control in the maintenance and pest control oyster mushrooms.

The things that support oyster mushroom cultivation must be considered before planting. Preparation to help create an atmosphere conducive to the growth of oyster mushroom cultivation so that the success. The steps that must be done to make them baglog mushroom house, baglog rack, providing seeds, as well as providing farming equipment. (Can you see in the article Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Preparation).

Try to use certified seed for cultivation which can be purchased from other farmers or local department of agriculture. Equipment for the cultivation of oyster mushroom is quite simple, affordable prices, we can take advantage of even kitchen utensils.

In the lowlands, the material modification of oyster mushrooms and measuring media can optimize the results, namely how to reduce or increase the dosage of each ingredient of the general standard. In small-scale farming, it is also
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA ONLINE SBOBET IBCBET TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA DI INDONESIA necessary experiments or experiments in order to determine the proportion of the dose appropriate media materials. It is necessary to remember that cultivated oyster mushrooms grow in a different environment would require nutrients and different media depending on local environmental conditions. Until now there has been no standard medium composition for oyster mushroom cultivation in the lowlands, thus modifying the medium farmers and the environment based on the experience and condition of each.