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Fertilization is done twice:

Fertilization is done twice:

Agen Bola Indonesia    First given at the time of planting.
Both are given before flowering plants or plant age at the time of the month.
The fertilizer dose given is for the super nasa Fertilizer Nasanya 3 kg / ha. and for chemical fertilizers ie urea / ZA 50-100 kg / ha TSP 100 kg / ha and KCL 50-75 kg / ha.
Ways fertilization, after nasa fertilizer and chemical fertilizer in the fertilizer mix into one inserted into the hole then covered with soil manure pit distance of 5-6 cm. then the second hole a distance of 10 cm and then cover with soil. Fertilizer should not be in direct contact with the seed, as germination is inhibited.
Pest and Disease Control Types of Pests: Flies nuts:

characteristics of small body size of 1.5 mm, shiny black color, daytime hiding in the grass, and brown cocoon or pupa.

Agen Bola Tangkas    Impact on the plant, there are spots on the first leaf, pods are attacked autumn, the leaves begin to wilt and turn yellow, the plant will die at the age of 3-4 weeks.

Planting simultaneously rotating and cropping.
The use of a form of Natural Products Nasa GLIO that has been fermented with manure from before planting.
Good tillage using organic fertilizer in the form of super nasa NASA in the mix of chemical fertilizers frequently used basis. basic chemical fertilizers can be reduced 30% of the recommended local agricultural department.
Pesticide Spraying in the form of organic Nasa PESTONA GLIO + + pentane + aero-810 from 4-5 leaves grow up panen.Dengan interval 7-10 days.
Caterpillars span:

Characteristics: green body, 2-3 cm in size, and the way menyungkal.
Impact on crops, attacking plants are old, and attack the leaves until the veins.

Destroy eggs and larvae.
Planting simultaneously rotating and cropping.
Spraying Products nasa form VITURA / Virexi + Aero-810 at intervals of 5-7 days.

Roller BlindsPod borers: