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Manado , Tribun - Basil ( acimum camum ) is a plant commonly used for vegetables , spiced , woku blanga and other cuisines mix . The plants
ADRO TEXTILE Konveksi Murah Indonesia – Tlp 081362666444 ! commonly grown in home gardens and are often considered remeh.Tidak many farmers who grow basil as a productive business .
This is in contrast to Robby and his wife Rorong Rosmiati , resident of Village Paniki II District of Mapanget , Manado . Basil or in North Sulawesi (Sulawesi ) known as balakama is the source of life for the family , by way of planting basil and then sell it on the market .
Thanks to its success in being farmers basil , Robby - Ros name famous among traders around the farmers market and other Manado in Manado . Results of operations basil former private sector employees have a good quality so it never disappoint customers .
" On the Market Bersehati , Karombasan , Tuminting to Bitung , just ask Robby Ros they must know , I am not making this up , but try to ask , " he said when met at his garden some time ago . Robby tells the early farming inadvertently basil . Once out of work practiced for 11 years in a private company , he turned professional motorcycle taxis . However , due to insufficient earnings , he finally decided to farm . Over the profession as a farmer .
Initially he planted corn . Several times always crop failure . If it does not fail any profits earned from one hectare of land is only about $ 2 million per three months . Because not enough to support his family , eventually Robby tried switching crops, and he chose basil .
The first time he planted in the yard. After two months , basil can be harvested . At that time only five large red plastic bag weighing about 7 pounds per bag . He then took it to the market and sold at Rp 25 thousand per bag .
He began seriously to plant basil in a wider area because it believes the plant profitable . " Then the crop is growing, every day I can carry 10 bags to the market , with quality basil number one , " he said .

 Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014To keep the stock remains a daily basis and to meet the growing demand , he then look for new land in the area around Manado and Minahasa Utara . Since it can send the basil to the market every day up to 50 large bags with a net profit every day an average of USD 1 million . " I have about five years in basil , fortunately good enough to buy a house that is currently occupied , purchasing a vehicle ( car ) and put children at UNIMA , " he said .

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