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Fertile soil is soil when planting to harvest produce throughout the year .

Fertile soil is soil when planting to harvest produce throughout the year . So when the land can produce high crop but can only be planted singly for one year ( eg because there is no water ) it can not be categorized as fertile soil .
Therefore, the definition of the fertility of the soil is distinguished into two, namely the actual soil fertility , soil that is true ( aseli / natura JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL l ) and soil fertility potential , that is the maximum soil fertility can be achieved by technological interventions that optimize all factors, for example by installing irrigation installation untilk land is not available water continuously or otherwise.
The fertility of the soil can not be measured or observed but can only be estimated (estimated ) . Arrangements can be made based on the value of the properties of physical , chemical and biological soil measured , which is then connected / associated with appearance ( performance ) of crops according to previous experience or research results . Soil fertility can also be assessed by observing the condition of the crops directly .
With the first method can only be known to determine the causes of soil fertility, while the second method can only be known response ( reaction ) crops on soil conditions encountered.
Components of Soil Fertility
As previously mentioned , in the outline of a number of components that can affect the fertility of the soil are : the nature of soil physics , soil chemistry , soil biological properties , external factors and the interaction between them.
The nature of soil physics indicated by soil texture and structure . There coarse textured soil to powder . The fine texture of the soil more and more water could be tied . Soil structure is hard to crumb / loam . Land gernbur will optimize progress on root crops.

SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAChemical properties of the soil is indicated by the pH / acidity and nutrient content in the soil . Optimum pH (around 7 ) will facilitate nutrient available to plants.
Biological properties of soil are living entities good condition vegetation or animals from large to very small ( micro-organisms ) . Their presence is beneficial and some are detrimental. Some microorganisms cause interference on crop growth eg Pythium ( root cause of the disease ) and causes Fusarium wilt disease in vegetables and fruits .
While profitable among earthworms, bacteria can transform CO into CO2 and Actinomycetes that produce antibiotics for crops .
External factor is the local climate can affect soil properties . The intensity of sunshine , rainfall, humidity and wind speed , etc. can give a good influence rnaupun otherwise. The interaction between the various components that have been mentioned will give a specific influence on soil .
Keep in mind that each type of plant has different needs that the condition of the ground, so that each interaction of various components will react differently ysng about crop growth .
To determine the value of soil fertility soil fertility evaluation should be done . Some of the activities that can be done to evaluate are : soil analysis , observing symptoms on plant growth , plant analysis , field experiments and experiments in the greenhouse.
Soil analysis conducted to determine the pH , nutrient content , organic matter , etc. so it will be compared with known content to the needs of each crop . With a variety of activities will be known fertility status of the soil and can further determine the action to be done to improve soil fertility by fertilization or irrigation for example .
From the results of evaluation of soil fertility can set new measures to restore fertility , of course be adapted to the needs of each crop . Some things that can be done is to add organic matter , the adoption by the addition of a specific nutrient , cultivation , irrigation and drainage .

DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA That should be noted is that the activities to enrich the soil and even result in land being infertile ( poor ) . So far have stuck a particular concept in traditional farmers using chemical fertilizer that can automatically increase the fertility of the soil .
As has been mentioned previously that the fertility of the soil is the interaction of several components , including the presence of organic matter and microorganisms in the soil. The presence of these microorganisms decreased along with the increased use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides . But the presence of microorganisms is needed to overhaul the organic matter that is available to the crop , soil microorganism pressing developments may cause disease in plants and others .
Pegembalian organic matter is rarely done anymore because it judged impractical , whereas the organic material is also available nutrient elements needed other crops can also improve soil structure ( hard to become more loose ) .
That's why in every occasion Sehat Indonesia Agriculture is constantly providing structural knowledge to farmers to return to organic materials pertanamannya . This method proved to restore soil fertility .
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